High-Power Semiconductor Probing System

June 04, 2018 by Paul Shepard

FormFactor, Inc. has introduced the TESLA200 high power semiconductor probing system. Designed specifically for IGBT and power MOSFET device measurements, the TESLA200 provides accurate data at up to 10,000V and up to 600A current.  Combining next-generation test capabilities, with anti-arcing solutions and wafer automation, the TESLA200 enables wide thermal range and fully automatic thin and warped wafer loading.

With these features, the system provides strong support for both engineering probes in R&D and many production test applications.

The demand for high power devices (built on Si, GaN and SiC substrates) has been primarily driven by automotive and industrial segments such as hybrid and electric vehicles, solar, transportation, data center power supplies, and other industrial segments.

The TESLA200 can test the full range of these devices, including the newest SiC-based power MOSFETs which can operate at higher voltage, switching frequency and temperature.

The TESLA200 allows engineers to collect data on individual or volume wafers, providing faster characterization and shorter time to market.

Key features include:

  • Flexible wafer handling, up to 200mm in wafer size, with semi or fully-automated configuration.
  • Full thermal testing range from -55 to 300°C.
  • Contact Intelligence™ technology enabling higher yield with accurate, automatic Rds vertical device measurements over temperature.
  • Patented Microchamber® shielded test environment, and TESLA FemtoGuard™ thermal chuck technologies, providing ultra-low noise, fully-guarded measurements.
  • High-power chuck incorporating MicroVac™ technology enabling low-contact resistance, thin-wafer handling and maximum power dissipation.
  • Compatibility with TAIKO, warped or uneven wafers.
  • An integrated, TÜV-certified system for safety during high voltage measurement.
  • Optional support for ultra-low residual capacitance and inductance chucks, for static HV testing with low leakage up to 400°C and dynamic power testing such as unclamped inductive switching (UIS).

"Manufacturers of power devices want a fast, accurate and safe environment for high power measurements," said Mike Slessor, President and CEO, of FormFactor. "With innovative technologies pushing the limits in automotive and industrial device development, our new TESLA200 can help customers accelerate time to market."

FormFactor will introduce the TESLA200 at PCIM Europe, June 5-7, 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany.