Hanergy’s 4 Thin-Film PVs set Records at 2018 China Renewable Energy Conference

August 29, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd has added another four records for energy conversion. The four futuristic thin-film solar power technologies were recorded as having the highest conversion efficiency records at '2018 China Renewable Energy Conference' held on August 23.

The conference was organized to promote communication and spread the application of new energy technologies, advancing the Chinese energy industry. Other records were issued for China's top battery conversion efficiency records for 2018 and were certified by CPVS (China Photovoltaic Society).

As a matter of great pride for Hanergy, among the total 8 records released, Hanergy alone grabbed 4 records for its futuristic thin-film solar technologies including; copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS), GaAs (single junction), GaAs (double junction) and Efficient silicon heterostructure technology (SHJ), accounting for half of China's highest conversion records.

The efficiencies of the three technologies continue to rise, and the efficiency of GaAs (single junction) is the highest in the world. This milestone achievement is a testimony to Hanergy's continuous efforts with the breakthroughs in technology to sustain its leading role in the thin-film solar industry.

Hanergy's Four Records - highest efficiency solar cells in China (* = world record)

Zhang Bing, Senior Vice President of Hanergy Thin Film Power, says, "Although, Hanergy already leads the world in the thin-film solar industry, we continue to make breakthroughs in technology. At Hanergy, we invest a lot of our resources to sustain the solid foundation laid by the group in the past few years and strive at all times to better our technical knowhow to stay ahead in the industry. We're also steadfast to leverage our expertise to improve China's solar industry, in order to catch up with the world's top technologies."

He added, "This further fuels our commitment towards our consumers and develop ground-breaking products by bringing to use our leading thin-film solar technology and provide green energy solutions to the world. We also hope to create the future of 'mobile energy.'"

Since 2009, Hanergy has painstakingly worked to integrate worldwide solar technology and robustly invested in the research and innovation of thin-film solar.

Hanergy intends to seize the opportunity presented by global energy transformation and low-carbon development to focus on the thin-film solar industry chain, and continue to promote the industrialization and marketization of thin-film solar technology, so as to make thin-film solar technology a real "green" solar technology that benefits all and gradually achieve the great mission of "Changing The World With Thin-Film Solar."