GaN Systems’ New Products, Design Tools and Demos at electronica 2018

November 07, 2018 by Paul Shepard

GaN Systems will show visitors how customers are achieving higher levels of performance in power electronics at electronica 2018, one of the world’s leading conferences covering the latest developments in the electronics industry taking place in Munich on November 13-16.

The company will share key observations and insights on the automotive sector and showcase its latest solutions and design tools at the GaN Systems booth located in Hall B5, Booth 430.

Automotive is one of the central themes at electronica with a dedicated Automotive Forum. The demand and impact of electric and autonomous vehicles has underlined the importance of power electronics throughout the entire automotive and supporting sectors from charging networks and renewable energy sources, data centers, and manufacturing.

Design engineers are focused on making power systems more efficient, compact, lighter, and lower cost with GaN transistors as the fundamental building block. In the automotive sector, GaN is becoming the preferred choice for onboard chargers and, a strong contender for traction inverters.

During the conference, GaN Systems CEO Jim Witham will elaborate on these topics at two sessions:

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GaN Systems will display its breadth of solutions and design tools that help engineers design systems that meet their performance goals and get to market more quickly. These include the newly announced GS-065-120-1-D and GS-010-120-1-P products (120A, 100V and 650V) and the GSM-065-240-1-N-0 evaluation device (240A, 650V) for high power systems.

To complement these products, new PLECS® simulation models have been added to the GaN Systems’ Circuit Simulation Tool for 3-Phase Traction Inverter and Single-Phase T-Type 3-Level Inverter designs.

GaN Systems' 50W wireless power amplifier

Additionally, GaN Systems will have its newly released 50W wireless power amplifier that is well-suited for wireless power transfer and charging applications in consumer, industrial, and automotive markets. Customer demonstrations will also be provided that highlight end products in the consumer, data center, industrial, and automotive industries.

“GaN power transistors are now recognized as the building block that enable smaller, lighter weight, and more energy efficient and cost-effective electronics – in all areas imaginable from automobiles to data centers to renewable power systems,” says Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “At electronica, we look forward to participating in conversations with customers and visitors about the transformation that is taking place with GaN power electronics.”