Fuel Cell Technologies Delivers Diver Heating Power System

April 25, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Fuel Cell Technologies (FCT, Canada) reports that it has delivered a Diver Heating Power System to Canada's Department of National Defense. The system was designed to provide heat to divers underwater during long periods of decompression. Acceptance trials of the aluminum/oxygen system were performed during March, 2001. The fuel cell system is claimed to deliver over 2.7kWh of both electrical and thermal energy underwater for over 5.5 hours. It measures 7" x 11" x 15" and includes an aluminum/oxygen fuel-cell stack which measures less than six cubic inches. FCT believes that these dimensions will shrink as the company refines its technology.

FCT claims that its Diver Heating Power System represents a step forward in underwater power. The system recovers both the electrical and thermal output of the aluminum/oxygen fuel cell. It is suitable for both military and commercial use. Further development is planned to include full integration with a diver heating system developed by the Department of National Defense, as well as design modifications to improve user-friendliness and real-time underwater testing of the system in cold environments.