Flux Power to Provide Life Extending Lithium Technology to High Power Energy Storage Market

October 12, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

LHV Power (formerly known as HiTek Power Corp.) announced the formation of its spin off, Flux Power Inc., to be led by Aptera Cofounder Chris Anthony. This new company will provide life extending Lithium Battery technology including battery management and monitoring, advanced display and diagnostics, and smart charging systems.

"I’ve heard the same message repeatedly from numerous clients: ’We need a complete drop in solution that will manage, charge, and provide usable diagnostic feedback for our cells,’" says James Gevarges, President and CEO of LHV Power Corp.. "Flux Power products will provide for all of these needs and more in an easily adaptable format allowing customers to quickly create prototypes, ramping to small production with an easy, cost reduction path for high volume OEM’s," he adds.

Flux Power has developed what it describes as innovative high power battery cell management systems to greatly extend cycle life. The company couples this with a robust communication system that can operate in harsh conditions to provide accurate and timely data on numerous cell metrics. These cell metrics are continually recorded for system diagnostics and warranty analysis. To display all of this data Flux Power has a suite of display systems and diagnostic utilities to help clients get the most value out of the information available.

In addition, Flux Power has smart charging systems that are versatile and stackable to multiple charging configurations while communicating directly with each cell to make sure the most beneficial charge is available. Flux Power’s latest technology allows multiple chargers to be used in unison to create high voltage and/or high current charging while maintaining Flux’s battery life extending charge methodologies.

"The Lithium vs Lead Acid cost equation simply does not favor Lithium Technology unless each lithium cell is effectively managed throughout every charge and discharge cycle," says Chris Anthony, CEO of Flux Power. "Now that we have developed an effective system to manage and record the life cycle of a lithium cell, it opens a vast array of applications to use high power lithium versus other energy storage methods. From large EV to peak shaving to back-up power solutions, Flux Power’s systems finally make Lithium the most technologically advanced and cost effective option for tomorrow’s power demands."

Flux Power will launch its first suite of products in November of this year.