Flux Power Introduces Safe Lithium Battery & Charging Systems for Industrial, Solar, EV, Wind and Peak-Shaving Power Applications

November 22, 2009 by Jeff Shepard

Flux Power Inc. introduced its new safe lithium batteries as well as its new 12-450V ruggedized and environmentally protected ac-dc charger. These high power products are meant to serve as backbone technology for the EV, Solar, Wind, Industrial and Peak-Shaving industries.

"I’m excited we are launching the most advanced and complete power system we’ve seen in the energy industry. By allowing adaptive charge capabilities and system-wide communication, Flux’s new devices will optimize the health and life of each battery cell," said Joseph Gottlieb, CTO. "Our data collection and cell metrics allow for extended warranties and determining the residual value of a cell after primary use which creates an opportunity for battery leasing options."

Flux Power’s LiFePO4 family of products offer great energy density, discharge ability, communications, redundant safety and life cycle tracking at an affordable price. Each 12v pack comes with an integrated Battery Management System featuring Flux Power’s "Cell Guard" technology which monitors the individual cells within the battery. Voltage, temperature, charge and discharge cycles are all monitored with "Cell Guard" and managed to dramatically extend the life of each lithium cell in the system. This management has been shown to extend the life of Flux Powers’ Lithium cells by four to five times versus an unmanaged system. Flux Power’s system also records every charge and discharge cycle that each cell sees through over its lifetime. This unique tracking enables instant identification of any cell deficiencies and allows extended warranties on the complete system. In addition, the new Flux Power 12-450v charger is a ruggedized and environmentally protected ac-dc charging solution that can be easily adapted to many applications. This charger features a dual CAN Bus Interface and can be run as a single unit in a variable output mode up to 3.3kW or stacked to provide more than 50kW of charging power.

"With these new products, Flux Power is now able to supply its clients with safe, powerful and cost effective solutions to almost any energy storage application," said Chris Anthony, CEO. "Creating innovative products to help the industry become more efficient – and more environmentally friendly – is something Flux will continue to do as demand for these technologies grows."