Exide Secures 3GIS Battery UMTS Contract

May 15, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Exide Technologies (Princeton, NJ) secured a new contract agreement with 3G Infrastructure Services AB (3GIS) to supply batteries for the Swedish 3G Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). According to the terms of the contract, Exide will supply FT 12V 105 network power batteries designed to provide emergency backup power. The new contract makes Exide the largest battery supplier for the UMTS in Sweden.

The UMTS is a third-generation broadband, packet-based system for the transmission of high volumes of text, digitized audio, video and multimedia. It will play a key role in creating a mass market for high-quality wireless communications worldwide. When UMTS is fully implemented, users of small, wireless devices such as handheld computers and cellular phones can maintain a constant Internet connection anywhere in the world, with global roaming and advanced capabilities.