esVolta Chooses to Adopt ION Energy’s Edison Analytics Platform

September 26, 2020 by Stephanie Leonida

esVolta leverages ION Energy’s software expertise by integrating its Edison Analytics platform across its battery energy storage projects.

California-based company esVolta is a leader of the development, design, management, and construction of utility-scale battery energy storage projects in North America. The company announced its closing of a deal with ION Energy which involves the use of ION’s innovative data analytics platform, Edison Analytics. The platform is to be integrated across all of esVolta’s portfolio of battery energy storage projects, coming to a total of 581MWh of energy storage. 


Image used courtesy of ION Energy
Image used courtesy of ION Energy


Like esVolta, ION Energy is another industry leader. The company provides a streamlined technology platform to enable battery makers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to jump-start the development of their battery management systems (BMS) and build state-of-the-art batteries. 

With ION’s platform, users can monitor, evaluate and manage the life cycle time and overall performance of their batteries. In terms of software needed to make this a reality, this is where advanced battery intelligence and diagnostics engine, Edison Analytics takes center stage.


Edison Analytics

ION’s Edison Analytics combines machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to allow battery performance tracking and frequent, remote over-the-air updates. The platform incorporates ION’s extensive knowledge of batteries, real-time data analytics, and cloud computing. 

Battery State of Health (SoH) and efficiency can be maintained which improves the profitability of utility-scale battery energy storage systems (BESS) investors and owners’ product portfolios. By using Edison, valuable assets can be maintained and fully utilized. 

Batteries undergo natural aging and normal degradation as part of the aging process. Battery degradation reduces the level of energy supplied to the eclectic grid and subsequently results in the decline of dispatch revenues for battery operators. 

Normal battery aging is expected and does not impinge upon the profitability and the reliability of battery energy storage projects. However, abnormal aging can do some damage. 


Image used courtesy of ION Energy
Image used courtesy of ION Energy


Edison helps operators by analyzing battery data to see if there is any abnormal degradation and simulates their operational performance. The platform then provides discharging/charging schedules that ensure minimal degradation of the batteries to get the best output. 

Using this type of monitoring system can help prevent unwanted damage and accidents. Users can also benefit from alerts regarding warranty violations or other potential issues.

Operators can effectively manage and optimize their bidding strategy as the Edison platform plugs into the energy market, providing insights that allow them to stay ahead of the competition. Collating data regarding the most optimum charging schedule and forecasting the best dispatches into the market can inform BESS operators on timing and the number of daily cycles to run.

President of esVolta, Randolph Mann said,“Edison Analytics helps us keep an eye on the operational and financial performance of our portfolio. While scaling up, we felt the need for a data analytics platform that was developed, keeping the needs of a BESS business in mind, and that’s where Edison fit in perfectly.”