Enevate Advances Next Generation Power Cells for the Power Tool Market

February 18, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Enevate has applied its innovative battery solutions to advanced power cells for the power tool market and other high power applications. For example, in a 21700 cylindrical power cell, 5.9Ah can be achieved utilizing Enevate technology, far exceeding the capacity of other power cells in the market, which today averages 4Ah.

Enevate developed the power cell to be capable of high energy density, low temperature operation, and both high discharge and charge rates, allowing very short recharge times of depleted batteries which power cells today cannot achieve.

"Battery powered power tools are an important and large market segment, and Enevate's battery technology is extremely well-suited to serve this market," said Dr. Benjamin Park, Enevate Founder and Chief Technology Officer. "Power tool users, especially in areas such as the home, industrial, and business construction, need portable power tools with longer battery runtimes and the ability to work in cold temperatures."

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Dr. Park added: "The Li-ion battery technology we've developed is especially well-suited for fast discharge and longer runtimes through increased energy density, enabling power tool users more and longer productive work time between charges. We have developed cylindrical cell designs that use the fundamental nature of our inexpensive and scalable silicon-dominant battery chemistry."

He noted that opportunities to serve the power tool market will happen sooner - in the next year or two - than the longer-lead electrical vehicle (EV) battery market, in which Enevate is preparing its pioneering technology for 2024-2025 EV model years.

Enevate's power cell has been tested at up to 10C sustained discharge rates. Also, power tools must have the ability to operate in cold climates outdoors; Enevate's power tool cell is able to operate down to -20˚C and has excellent low temperature cycle life.

Enevate's XFC-Energy™ battery technology can charge 75 percent of the total cell capacity in five minutes at 10C charge rates. Typical power cells today can only charge at about one-sixth of the rate of Enevate cells, resulting in a charge time that is six times longer.

The vast majority of the power cells on the market are cylindrical cells, which can be supported by Enevate technology. Power cells using Enevate's technology can be wound as cylindrical cells, or made as pouch or prismatic can cells.