Energizer Expands Availability Of AAAA Alkaline Batteries For Portable, High-Tech Devices

June 11, 2008 by Jeff Shepard

Energizer has announced that it is greatly expanding availability of its AAAA alkaline battery. While many consumers are familiar with AA and AAA batteries, the company states that many might not have regular use for the even-smaller AAAA (or "Quad A") – at least not yet.

The Quad A is described as an excellent power source for contemporary electronic devices due to its small size and light weight. The Quad A is currently used in flash audio players, Bluetooth headsets, laser pointers and LED penlights, remote controls, and home medical devices, like glucose meters and blood pressure monitors.

Energizer has been actively partnering with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies to help them design around the AAAA battery. Recently, GN launched what is described as the world’s first AAAA battery-powered Bluetooth headset. Developed in conjunction with Energizer, the Jabra BT2040 is powered by a single AAAA battery that never needs to be plugged in to charge. Additionally, the Energizer AAAA is used to power the UEI Zapper – a universal remote control.

"Energizer is always innovating to meet the needs of manufacturers and consumers alike," said Jeff Ziminski, Chief Marketing Officer. "As devices continue to get smaller and smaller, we see a greater need and relevance for the Energizer AAAA."

The Quad A is a suitable power source and is said to offer key benefits to manufacturers who want to create smaller high tech devices, but keep the power source affordable for the end-user. The AAAA is 42.5 mm long and 8.3 mm in diameter and weighs approximately 6.5 grams. This means that the AAAA batteries weigh 43% less, are 40% smaller in volume, and are 20% thinner than the standard AAA. Plus, compared to lithium ion rechargeable batteries, the Energizer AAAA is said to be a much more economical solution that doesn’t require charging.

The Energizer AAAA launch is a global effort designed to increase product design around the AAAA, as well as retail availability. As part of this effort, Energizer has more than doubled its availability at retail in the U.S. and also is focused on considerable growth in the Europe and Asia Pacific markets.