Electrosource Receives Battery Order From Worldstar

January 19, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Electrosource Inc. (San Marcos, TX) recently announced it has received an order for 60,000 of its new, E-Power lightweight, intelligent battery from Worldstar Communications Corp. (Miami). The E-Power batteries will provide energy storage to power uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) for Worldstar's global communications network."This 18 pound E-Power battery replaces batteries weighing up to 25 percent more, and is particularly well suited to the UPS application because it contains an intelligent microcircuit which monitors and warns of possible faults with the charger," said Benny E. Jay, Electrosource president and CEO. "E-Power is also a sealed, zero-maintenance battery which makes it very attractive to Worldstar whose installation are often in remote locations."Damian O. Valdez, Worldstar Communications Corp. CEO said, "As we build out our various networks in emerging economies, back-up power is critical to our success. Identifying a reliable and economical UPS has been difficult, as our past experience with other UPS equipment has been disappointing. After visiting Electrosource's facilities and evaluating their technology and the E-Power specifically, we are convinced that we have identified an alternative back-up power source that will more appropriately satisfy our demanding requirements in the field."