Electric Fuel Awarded US Army Battery Contract

December 11, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Electric Fuel Corp. (New York) announced that a contract has been entered into between the company and the US Army Communications Electronic Command (CECOM) for a delivery order of advanced zinc-air batteries. The contract calls for order releases during the first three calendar quarters of 2003, with a current order ceiling of $2,543,250.

Under the terms of the contract, Electric Fuel will produce and supply the BA-8180/U zinc-air, non-rechargeable battery, which is the new Army designation for Electric Fuel's Model FC advanced zinc-air power pack. In addition, Electric Fuel will supply three types of electrical interface adapters for the BA-8180/U, and a generic interface for items of equipment that were designed to interface with a BA-5590 or equivalent battery.

Electric Fuel Chairman, President and CEO Robert Ehrlich said, "This contract is the culmination of five years of effort, in cooperation with CECOM, to develop this ground-breaking new battery. We believe that the BA-8180 can help the Army reduce its procurement costs while providing operational benefits in terms of lighter weight and greater energy capacity for extended missions."