Electric Fuel Announces US and Israel Testing of Its Zinc-Air Battery System

February 21, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

The Electric Vehicle Division of Electric Fuel Corp. (New York) recently announced that an all-electric transit bus using its high-energy, high-power, zinc-air battery system will be tested in the US and Israel. The testing will occur under a cooperative agreement signed between the US Department of Energy (DOE, Washington, DC) and the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures (MOI).

According to the agreement, the DOE and MOI have agreed to cooperate in order to facilitate the exchange of information and joint activities in the field of electric and hybrid buses. The cooperation will specifically include the retrofitting of two similar buses in the US, one with Electric Fuel's advanced zinc-air batteries, and the other using battery systems developed by the DOE.

"This is a very positive step forward for our electric bus program, providing for additional testing of the all-electric transit bus under different conditions," said Yehuda Harats, Electric Fuel president and CEO.