Electric Crate Motor Conversion System in a V-8 Form Factor

October 15, 2019 by Paul Shepard

The "e-Crate Motor" from Electric GT (EGT) delivers an amazing retro inspired design that is an Electric Conversion System inclusive of everything needed to convert a vehicle to 100% electric, except the battery. In terms that petrol heads are familiar with, it is everything minus the fuel in an innovative, easy to install, "Motor Block."

That means that it has ALL the requisite EV components needed: motor(s), controller(s), charger(s), sensors, relays and computer systems built into one "block." The Crate Motor is engineered for high performance and near zero maintenance. Additionally, Electric GT offers options like electric air conditioning, compressors, heaters and other auxiliary equipment.

The Electric GT e-Crate Motor is a fully assembled and supported system to designed to make an easy installation process for the average mechanic or fabricator. These systems come with full installation manuals and include tech support throughout the installation process. EGT Systems differ greatly from other "Electric Conversion Kits" that are simply a pallet of parts with wiring schematics.

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Assembled and Supported

The EGT Plug and Play System comes fully assembled and wired so that users do not have to be a master wiring harness technician. Pre-engineered, pre-built, and pre-tested. It works easy and fast.  The in-depth installation manual guides the user through the process and if that doesn't cover it, EGT's tech support team will quickly respond to any questions that come up along the way.

Mating to a Manual Transmission

The Electric Crate Motor can be adapted to a wide range of manual transmissions.  EGT designs in-house adapter plates for most popular manual transmissions and can also provide custom designs.

Electric motors deliver toque instantly to the gears which is much harder on gearboxes than regular internal combustion engines. Due to increased power and torque EGT recommend the use of driveline components rated for appropriate specified eMotor output.

Automatic transmissions are not recommended for use in EGT builds due do their need for an extra hydraulic pump and the inefficiency of torque converters.

The Electric Crate Motor comes fully assembled, so what does it take to install?

The installation is not that much different from installing a gas engine. Simply position the eCrate Motor in place and bolt it into the transmission. If the installation uses one of EGT's bolt-in systems, the motor bolts right in. EGT's universal system requires vehicle specific motor mounting brackets to hold the motor and an adapter plate with a clutch assembly.

After the Electric Crate Motor is bolted in the next step is to install and connect both the wiring harness and the cooling system. The crate motor has one wiring connector (for all the signals) which will route to the dash and battery module(s). Connect the ac power leads to the standard charge port and the dc leads directly to the battery module.

All high-voltage connections have OEM level touch safe connectors that both function and look top notch. Final step, plumb the internal cooling pump to a small heat exchanger and the eCrate Motor is set to power up and drive.