ECTI in Production for GM-6115 Motor System

October 01, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Energy Conversion Technologies Inc. (ECTI, Markham, ON) announced that it has started shipments of its GM-6115 axial electric gearmotor and control system in connection with the previously announced $910,000 order from a well-known and established original equipment manufacturer.

The GM-6115 electric gearmotor and control system has been tested by the customer for over 1,000,000 cycles of operation, representing in excess of seven years of operation in actual usage. The customer is pleased with the quality and performance of the newly delivered production units and ECTI has continuing production requirements from the customer.

The electric motor transmission technology for industrial, automotive and battery-powered applications can reduce both capital and operating costs of motor systems by decreasing the motor and electronics' weight and energy consumption; increase the operating time for battery, hybrid or fuel-cell-powered electric vehicle motor applications; and make it possible to use smaller batteries or fuel cells to meet operating requirements.