ECD Announces Plans to Open Ohio Testing Facility

August 14, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Energy Conversion Devices Inc. (ECD, Rochester Hills, MI) announced that it is considering plans to open an Ovonic solid hydrogen testing facility in Akron, OH. The testing laboratory will have the capability to test and certify Ovonic metal hydride storage containers for use with portable fuel cell generators, on-board storage of hydrogen for internal combustion engine and fuel cell vehicles, and for solid hydrogen dispensing stations to refill canisters and vehicles, and other stationary uses. The laboratory is expected to employ up to 25 people in the first three years of operation.

ECD Ovonics President and CTO Stanford Ovshinsky stated, "This cooperation and enthusiasm of the city to support the Ovonic solid hydrogen test facility has been outstanding. We appreciate the speed with which this important testing project is moving through the various approval processes and the high interest in Ovonic technologies. Particularly exciting is that the activity may lead to Akron becoming the center of the emerging hydrogen economy."

It is anticipated that the testing laboratory may be followed by canister and vessel manufacturing operations. Since anything that burns and is used for fuel can be replaced by hydrogen, the need for hydrogen storage vessels is expected to grow as applications for hydrogen fuel increases. The Ovonic storage canister will hold almost twice the amount of hydrogen as compared to a similar size vessel holding liquid hydrogen and more than three times the amount of hydrogen as compared to a similar size vessel holding high pressure gaseous hydrogen. Ovonic hydrogen storage canisters operate at low pressures and feature fast refilling capability.