eCAPITAL Invests in Turbina Energy Micro Wind Turbine Systems

April 15, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Turbina Energy AG gets Germany's leading Cleantech fund on board for its further expansion. By winning eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG via its innovative technology in the area of micro wind turbine systems with a vertical axis (VAWT), the high tech company has convinced a strong partner and investor with sound industry know-how in the field of Cleantech. A seven-digit investment has been made. Turbina Energy produces the first micro wind turbine system which is designed to operate in both strong and light wind conditions. The turbines – made in Germany – achieve a start-up speed of 1.5m/s for electricity generation, which is the best value worldwide, and guarantee operation in wind peaks of up to 200km/h.

Unparalleled low noise emission values of 34dB and safety for humans and animals provide installation possibilities with almost no restrictions. The installation on rooftops in residential and industrial areas can sometimes be carried out without prior formal permission, as neither noise nor vibrations are generated whatsoever. A patented combination of rotor, stator and generator makes these unique selling propositions possible.

Dr. Paul Josef Patt, CEO of eCAPITAL entrepreneurial Partners AG, says: "Turbina Energy convinces with a unique product which has market maturity for global application and is thus suitable to meet global demand. Its highly customer-friendly design matches the spirit of the Cleantech age, which is reflected by the already well-filled order book. All this fits into our portfolio perfectly."

eCAPITAL supports the development of high tech projects all the way to becoming a market-leading company - through personal commitment, a qualified network in industry and finance as well as through many years of experience as entrepreneurs, managers and investors.

Aleksandar Vucak, CEO of Turbina Energy, says: "Being a young technology company, we are happy to have eCAPITAL to accompany us as a strategic partner who possesses entrepreneurial expertise, an active network and lots of personal commitment to support the global rollout of our patented technology. Together we plan and implement the corresponding growth strategy. In the short term, we will be offering products for green energy production to private as well as to industrial customers on a global scale – for the first time, everybody can make their own contribution to sustainability and, as a matter of fact, this helps to make the energy turnaround ("Energiewende") possible - safely, quietly anywhere and anytime."