Ebus Unveils HEV at Alternative Fuel and Electric Transit Bus Workshop

March 23, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Ebus Inc. (Downey, CA) unveiled its first HEV at an Alternative Fuel and Electric Transit Bus Workshop hosted by the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

The Ebus HEV is a 22ft long replica of an old-fashioned trolley car. It features an all-electric drive train with a small pack of liquid-cooled NiCd rechargeable batteries. An ultra-low-emission MicroTurbine system, manufactured by Capstone Turbine Corp. (Woodland Hills, CA) generates electric power to run the vehicle and also acts as an on-board battery charger. Ebus' prototype trolley can be fueled either by propane or liquefied natural gas and can travel more than 250 miles on a single tank of gas. A very low-emission, diesel-fueled MicroTurbine is also available.