Dynex and Ecostar Collaborate on Power Modules

October 08, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Dynex Power Inc. (Ottawa, Canada) announced it has entered into an agreement with Ecostar Electric Drive Systems (Dearborn, MI) to fabricate prototype power semiconductor modules for potential use in electric vehicles and power-conversion systems.

Ecostar will be responsible for the design of the power module for application in Ecostar systems, and Dynex will provide their power module process and manufacturing expertise and IGBT knowledge on how to optimize the module design and to fabricate prototypes. The project will focus on prototype power modules, which incorporate the latest IGBT technology to provide efficient power conversion and inverter motor drives.

"We've visited a number of power semiconductor factories around the world and were very impressed by the technology and capabilities of Dynex," said Fred Flett, vice president of engineering for Ecostar. "We are looking forward to working with Dynex in the development and fabrication of these next-generation power module prototypes."

Paul Taylor, CTO for Dynex, stated, "This represents another milestone in our power product development. Ecostar's selection of Dynex for this project demonstrates the strength of our technology in the power electronics market. We are truly excited by the prospects of working with Ecostar and hope that it will lead to further opportunities for collaboration in the future."