DMFCC Enters Agreement to Produce Fuel Cell Cartridges

November 06, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Viaspace Inc. (Pasadena, CA), a company that develops hardware and software solutions for the US Department of Defense and NASA, announced that its subsidiary, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corp. (DMFCC, Pasadena, CA), has signed a cartridge design and certified manufacturer agreement with Elentec Co. Ltd. (Suwon, South Korea). Elentec produces lithium-ion battery packs to power cell phones, PDAs, camcorders, and laptop computers. It is experienced in producing injection-molded plastic parts, similar to fuel cartridges, and has 21 injection-molding machines in its Suwon factory.

"We are pleased to be partnered with Elentec," reported DMFCC CEO Carl Kukkonen. "They have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to produce the highest quality cartridges, and excellent relationships with, and the trust of, major electronics OEMs worldwide."

Elentec Chief Executive Officer Se Yong Lee stated, "Today, Elentec provides portable power to the electronics industry in the form of lithium-ion batteries. While this business will continue to be strong, fuel cells offer a new level of portable power. Together with DMFCC, we plan to contribute to, and profit from, the fuel cell business."