Device42 Integrates With Server Technology Power Solutions

September 25, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Device42 and Server Technology, Inc. announced that Device42's v6.0 data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solution integrates with Server Technology's CDU and environmental sensors. This new integration solution provides facility managers, IT personnel and engineers with critical power and energy accumulation information both at the device and cabinet level along with multiple temperature and humidity measurement points. This information is provided by Server Technology's Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDUs) mounted within the data center cabinet and provides trending and alerting information within Device42's data center infrastructure management solution.

Device42 v6.0 will provide users with trends and real-time alerts on power, temperature and humidity data based on information obtained from Server Technology's best of breed and industries most accurate CDUs. This factory integrated, tested and approved solution continues to advance Server Technology's commitment to provide solution partners with the tools required for real time power and environmental monitoring information. This will now enable Device42 and Server Technology's mutual customers to leverage these solutions to increase efficiency, improve their capacity planning, and increase uptime by immediate notification when power, temperature, or humidity readings reach a threshold.

The Device42 offering provides agentless, enterprise-class, distributed monitoring of Server Technology CDUs and temperature and humidity sensors. Multiple monitoring appliances can be placed at different locations in the network and will record power and sensor data. CDUs and sensors in different (or sensitive) network segments can be assigned to specific monitoring devices. Power and sensor data is polled via SNMP frequently and pre-aggregrated data is available for fast display of hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data. From Device42, this data can be viewed as charts with drilldowns, as a room-level heatmap, in dashboard widgets, and in rule-based alerts (alerts also optionally generate email notifications). CDU data captured includes master and linked CDU and multi-phase CDUs. Historical trending charts and alerts are available for individual CDU infeeds, outlets, and sensors. Outlets can also be powered on and off from the Device42 interface.

Device42's CTO Steve Shwartz said, "Our partnership with Server Technology has enabled us to leverage the extensive capabilities of the Server Technology's CDUs, which has improved our range of power monitoring and environmental monitoring support. We are really excited to be offering these capabilities to our joint customers."

Server Technology's Calvin Nicholson, Sr. Director of Software and Firmware Devsays, "Server Technology's power and environmental monitoring, management and control solutions provide Device42's data center infrastructure management solution the key information their users need to better manage their IT infrastructure. These combined solutions allow users to make more informed decisions that result in both increased uptime and efficiency."