Detecting Parking Spaces in Front of Charging Stations

February 14, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Hubject GmbH will present a new solution for detecting the status of parking spaces in front of charging stations within the intercharge network at this year's E-world energy & water. The company from Berlin has solved a significant challenge for today's electric mobility users: occupied parking spaces in front of charging stations. As the first company in the electric mobility industry, Hubject not only detects and transmits dynamic occupation data for charging stations from various operators, but also provides operator-transcending information regarding the availability of parking spaces in front of charging stations.

Hubject, together with companies from the partner network, has successfully integrated parking sensors in today’s electric mobility system landscape within the context of the pilot project. Sensors in the immediate vicinity of the charging station register whether a parking space in front of a charging station is occupied by a car or not. The sensors detect vehicles with combustion engines as well as electrically powered cars that are blocking these parking spaces. Drivers of electric vehicles will prospectively be able to determine in advance whether to approach a charging station to recharge their car.

The real-time connection between the sensors and the Hubject system transmits the status of both systems to the navigation systems and charging station maps of companies within the partner network, and this information is directly displayed to EV drivers. The service enhances planning security when approaching charging stations and thus the customer-friendliness of the charging process.

“We put ourselves in the position of EV drivers as we develop innovations and design our solutions to enhance the customer-friendliness of the charging process for electric vehicles. Occupied parking spaces in front of otherwise available charging stations are a well-known problem for all drivers of electric vehicles. Hubject has now solved this problem,” said Christian Hahn, CEO at Hubject GmbH.

Charge point operators within the intercharge network who already use parking sensors or plan to in the future can offer the status data for parking spaces in front of their stations to all emobility service providers within the intercharge network via Hubject’s eRoaming platform as an added-value service for their customers. Charge point operators are not committed to a specific sensor manufacturer. Hubject ensures efficient, safe and reliable networking for participating partners for this innovative solution. There are no further IT implementation costs for intercharge partners since technical processing is performed via the already implemented Open InterCharge Protocol (OICP), allowing usage of the service within a very short period of time.