Delta-Q Turns 20 and will Celebrate with New Mid-Power Chargers at The Battery Show

September 04, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Delta-Q Technologies will celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 10th at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan. The anniversary event will take place on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, from 4:30p.m. to 7:00p.m. in the Gold Room at the Hyatt adjacent to Suburban Collection Showplace. Space is limited, RSVP below by September 9th if you are interested in attending the celebration.

In addition to celebrating its 20th anniversary, Delta-Q will be introducing their new mid-power, on-board stackable charging solution (see image above) and will present a technical paper on battery chargers at The Battery Show NA.

New Stackable Charging System

Driven by changes in the market, Delta-Q designed the stackable charging system for OEMs in need of a charging solution that is modular, scalable and can be distributed across their vehicle or equipment. The stackable solution provides added flexibility in that it can be used as an onboard or offboard charger or as combination of the two. Further, the new stackable charger is ideal for electric vehicles in the urban mobility, utility, articulated booms, compact construction, and material handling industries.

"This launch is an exciting move for Delta-Q," says Steve Blaine, executive vice president of engineering and quality. "With this new software, our products can scale across our customers' electric product lines. OEMs will also have the flexibility to choose how they want to charge their products based on their needs."

Key benefits of the stackable charging system include:

  • Allows modular, scalable and rugged onboard and offboard battery charging solution delivering up to 7.5kW
  • Offers CAN bus communication for BMS charge control, vehicle, and telematics system integration
  • Supports charging from North American and European standard charging stations (EVSEs)
  • Delivers precise charge of battery packs of various chemistries and voltages, up to 120 Vdc prolonging battery life while minimizing charge time
  • Helps OEMs reduce SKU count and wiring infrastructure overhead costs

Delta-Q is now accepting sample requests and will start production of the stackable charging system in November 2019.Technical paper on Battery chargers

Technical Paper in the Open Tech Forum

"Battery Chargers: Bottleneck or Opportunity?" will be presented by Chris Botting, Manager of Research at Delta-Q Technologies, on Thursday, September 12, from 11:15a.m. to 11:40a.m. at the Open Tech Forum.

Description: As the world becomes more conscious about its carbon footprint and pollution, an increasing number of machines are replacing internal combustion engines with electric systems. This phenomenon is increasing demand for lithium-ion batteries with long life expectancies.

Did you know the battery charger you choose significantly affects the quality of your machine? Selecting the right lithium-ion battery charger is important to ensure your machine is efficiently and accurately charged. Alternatively, picking a low-quality charger can reduce the life span of lithium-ion batteries, damage vehicle performance, and increase total cost of ownership.

In this presentation, Delta-Q Technologies will discuss:

  • The importance of battery charger selection for lithium battery system performance
  • How to create an efficient charging system that complies with global regulations
  • Tips on system integration to reduce total cost of ownership