Delta-Q to introduce Battery Chargers at Golf Industry Show

February 02, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Delta-Q Technologies announced that the company will show its new IC900 and IC1200 battery chargers at the Golf Industry Show (GIS). GIS is being held in San Diego, California from February 10-11, 2016. Delta-Q is exhibiting in booth 3557. The IC900 and IC1200 chargers provide superior reliability and charge quality for lead acid (wet/flooded, sealed AGM or gel) or lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. Applications for the new chargers include golf cars, utility vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) and low-speed electric vehicles (LSEVs).

The IC900 and IC1200 chargers provide 900 and 1200 Watts of dc output power, respectively, and are available in 24-, 36- and 48-Volt models. Participants of GIS will receive a first look at the chargers at Delta-Q's booth or at the new product showcase, which will feature the IC1200. Samples are now available for original equipment manufacturers, with full production of the new chargers starting in March 2016.

Made by Delta-Q manufacturing partner Flextronics in an automotive grade facility, IC Series chargers are validated for a long service life in challenging on-board applications. Their IP66-rated ingress protection seals out dirt and fluids, while mechanical design and component selection help resist vibration, shock and temperature extremes.

Each Delta-Q charger provides "charge quality" for lithium-ion and lead acid batteries using one of more than 190 charge profiles developed in Delta-Q's battery lab. Users experience better runtime and battery life.

Optional CAN bus communication enables a link between the IC Series chargers and other components, including battery management systems. Charge cycle data can be accessed using their built-in USB host port. Software updates and new charge profiles can be installed using a pre-programmed USB flash drive.