Delphi Automotive and ST Announce Cooperation

November 07, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

STMicroelectronics (Geneva, Switzerland) and Delphi Automotive Systems (ST, Troy, MI) announced their intention to cooperate on the design and

development of new smart power IC products for automotive applications. The companies signed a joint agreement to build on their previous relationship and strengthen ST's commitment to the automotive market.

The ICs from the joint development will be manufactured in ST's advanced BCD process, which integrates bipolar circuits for precision analog functions, CMOS circuits for high-density logic and DMOS circuits for power devices into a monolithic IC. The agreement ensures that Delphi will have access to ST's new BCD process developments.

"Smart power ICs are key components in future automotive systems because they are the interface between the delicate processors and real-world hardware like motors, solenoids, lamps and loudspeakers," said Aldo Romano, general manager of ST's telecommunication and peripheral/automotive groups. "We are pleased to be working with the leading automotive electronics company on the development of these


"The smart power IC collaboration between Delphi and STMicroelectronics brings together key leaders in semiconductor and automotive systems to develop optimal silicon solutions," said Les Wilkinson, general director of engineering for Delphi Delco

Electronics Systems. "Our relationship with a recognized industry leader in smart power semiconductors will provide Delphi additional access to key technologies for automotive electronics."