Darnell’s Jeff Shepard to Speak at Digital Power Europe

March 25, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Jeff Shepard, President of Darnell Group, will present a comprehensive review of "Emerging Trends in Advanced Power Conversion Technologies" during Digital Power Europe. Darnell Group and Bodo’s Power Systems are the co-hosts for the second Digital Power Europe (DPE ’10) to be held in Nuremberg, Germany April 6 & 7, 2010.

Building on the success of the US-based Digital Power Forum, DPE ’10 is a European-specific, two-day conference that will serve an international audience of decision makers who are interested in learning about and contributing to the latest practical advancements in digital power control techniques in electronics systems and power converters, along with digital energy management and power management in enterprise-level installations and related digital equipment.

Darnell’s latest findings in the areas of digital power technologies, ac-dc power supplies, dc-dc converters, LED lighting, evolving power architectures for photovoltaic systems and emerging trends in vehicle electrification will be some of the topics reviewed by Mr. Shepard during his far-reaching and extended 2-hour talk during a Special Presentation Session at Digital Power Europe.

"This presentation alone is worth the entire registration cost for the two-day event," commented Linnea Brush, Senior Analyst with Darnell Group. "We have had clients pay $5,000 or more for a similar seminar and at DPE, delegates will receive this valuable, extensive and actionable market intelligence as a ’bonus’ during the final session of the conference."

Digital power electronics holds the promise of improvements in performance and reduction in cost compared with today’s primarily analog techniques. However, the replacement of analog control and power management with advanced digital techniques can introduce additional complexity to the design process. To fully appreciate the promises of digital control, it will be necessary for designers to employ new control models and new approaches to power system design and architectures.

Significant challenges are ahead for companies eager to enter this market. The perceived complexity of "going digital" in comparison to using similar bandwidth analog components is a major hurdle companies have to surmount. Attendees at Digital Power Europe 2010 will hear about new components, new design techniques and design tools that will enable the use of digital power conversion and digital power management technologies in your next design.

Advisory committee members represent Analog Devices, Bodo’s Power Systems, Diodes, Inc., Emerson Network Power, Ericsson Power Modules, Infineon, Intersil, Maxim, Microchip, PMBus Organization, Power-One, Powervation, Roal and STMicroelectronics.

Complete information on DPE ‘10 can be found here