Darnell Unveils New Automotive Power Electronics Report

January 24, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

The Darnell Group Inc. (Corona, CA) announced its new report, "Emerging Opportunities in Automotive Power Electronics: Market Forecasts, Product Assessment and Competitive Analysis," which gives power supply and component makers a thorough analysis of this exciting new market.

The upcoming conversion of automotive systems from 14V to 42V has been analyzed extensively from a technical perspective. What has not been analyzed is the impact this conversion will have on the power supply market. The new report provides over 200 pages of analysis, including worldwide market penetration and unit forecasts for the system architectures, power generation and storage technologies, and automotive subsystems that are likely to be the most "commercially viable" for the first generation of 14V/42V and 42V systems.

Forecasts from 2002 to 2010 are provided for 14V/42V hybrid systems, using either single or dual batteries, along with integrated starter/alternators, dc/dc converters, inverter applications, ultracapacitors, pulse-width modulation modules, sealed lead-acid batteries, NiMH batteries and lithium-ion battery power generation and storage technologies. Forecasts are also given for chassis systems, thermal systems and powertrain systems. Regions covered include Europe, North America, Japan, Asia, Central and Latin America, and the rest of the world.

Finally, over 35 leading competitors are profiled, along with separate discussions of sales channels, partnerships and expected 42V product introductions. Because no true 42V vehicles are in commercial production at this point, this chapter provides an overview of the direction automotive suppliers are taking in the development of 42V technology.