Darnell Presents Updated AC/DC Power Supplies Study

February 17, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Darnell Group Inc. (Corona, CA) has just released its updated report, “AC/DC Power Supplies: Global Market Forecasts and Competitive Environment” Sixth Edition, which provides a comprehensive analysis of ac/dc power supply market characteristics and trends. Included are discussions of economic factors driving ac/dc market growth; application trends in ac/dc power supplies, with specific focus on the storage, server and desktop/workstation computer markets; changes in power architectures, including trends driving both centralized and distributed architectures; power-factor correction; and threats to ac/dc power supplies.

The ac/dc power supply market is the largest part of the power electronics market. Certain applications are driving this growth, creating opportunities in specialized segments. Over 100 tables give dollar, unit and pricing forecasts by Wattage (1000W), Design Type (standard, modified and custom), Package Style (open-frame, enclosed and rackmount), Industry Segment (communications, computers, industrial, instrumentation, medical, military/aerospace and consumer), Communications Segment (wireline, wireless, fiber, CPE and CATV) and Computer Segment (enterprise servers, servers, desktop/workstations, special systems, peripherals and storage). Forecasts are broken down by Worldwide, North American, European and Asian regions. In addition, year-to-year growth rates are given for each of the forecast segments to provide a more discriminating picture of the recovery expected in these markets.

Finally, 41 companies in the ac/dc market are profiled, including both major competitors and smaller “niche” players. Estimated market share is provided, along with a discussion of the business factors expected to drive the industry forward.

The new studies are now available. Pricing is $4,000 for print copies and $5,000 for CD-ROM format copies, which includes a multi-user site license.