DaimlerChrysler Announces NECAR 4 Demo Program

February 02, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

DaimlerChrysler AG (Germany) recently announced that its NECAR 4 will be in operation on the apron of Munich Airport from January 31 to February 19, 2000. This is the first industrial application of the NECAR 4 test vehicle and is the outcome of a cooperative agreement between DaimlerChrysler and the airport operator Flugafen Munchen GmbH.

According to the company, the NECAR 4 will be used as a transport vehicle in apron services and for the transfer of VIPs and pilots. DaimlerChrysler expects these operations will provide it with invaluable practical experience with the NECAR 4, and important feedback for the engineers in the development process.

The NECAR 4 is a zero-emission fuel cell vehicle based on the Mercedes-Benz A-class. It is designed to reach 145km/h and has an operating range of about 450km, while providing space for five occupants and luggage. The vehicle also employs a 55kW electric motor. NECAR 4 will be refueled at the world's first public liquid and gaseous hydrogen filling station at the airport.