CTTV's HALIAS to Supply Hydrogen for Fuel Cells

June 18, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

ChevronTexaco Technology Ventures (CTTV, Houston, TX), a subsidiary of ChevronTexaco Corp. (Houston, TX), announced that its hydrocarbon fuel processor HALIAS™ was selected by Hydrogenics Corp., through its subsidiary Greenlight Power Technologies (Canada), for use in Greenlight's fuel cell testing station as part of the Fuel Cells Canada demonstration program.

The HALIAS is one of the first fuel processing and hydrogen generation solutions being pursued by CTTV. It can turn natural gas or propane into hydrogen and features a compact single-reactor design, an integrated anode tail gas oxidizer and proprietary control systems architecture. In addition to working with proton-exchange membrane fuel cell developers and testers on early-stage integrated power systems, CTTV is also looking at the HALIAS platform to develop compact hydrogen generator refueling appliances for hydrogen refueling demonstrations.