Crossword-Style Game Based on Addition and Multiplication

December 10, 2019 by Paul Shepard

In all sumoku games from Blue Orange Games, tiles must be arranged in a crossword-style pattern such that each row and column adds up to a multiple of the key number. The key number is the number rolled on the die. The created pattern itself is called a sumoku.

In the example in the image above: a 10-tile sumoku is assembled with rows and columns adding up to multiples of 5.

In sumoku, the object is to get the highest score. Players receive points based on the total of the row and/or column they worked on. Add up the numerical value of each tile in the combination(s) to attain the total score for each turn.

In the example illustrated at the right, a player creates a combination (5 - 9 - 1) that both adds to and crosses an existing one (3 - 7). This player will score the total of the new completed row plus the total of the new column: (3+7+5) + (5+9+1) = 30 points.

Sumoku is a collection of 5 great games in one bag with many accompanying puzzles on the web.