Contour Energy to Develop Rechargeable Fluoride-Ion Batteries in Singapore

January 23, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Contour Energy Systems, Inc. has opened a research & development center in Singapore, located at Westpark Biz Central. Contour is developing advanced primary and next-generation rechargeable battery systems optimized to meet the most demanding power and energy density, reliability and safety requirements. Its battery systems are also being designed to perform in the most extreme operating environments with significantly improved price/performance.

"Today marks a special day for Contour Energy as we officiate the grand opening of our R & D Center in Singapore, the first facility outside the US," said Lou Lupo, President and CEO of Contour Energy Systems, Inc. "Our new R & D Center in Singapore will play a pivotal role in the research and development of next-generation rechargeable fluoride-ion batteries."

"It is certainly an exciting time for both Contour Energy and Singapore as we embark on these disruptive technologies from which will spring new breakthroughs in the portable power industry," said Ms Chu Swee Yeok, President & CEO of edbi, the investment arm of Singapore's Economic Development Board.

Founded in 2007 out of the collaboration of Caltech and CNRS (the French National Center of Scientific Research), Contour Energy Systems is a next-generation battery company, pioneering breakthrough in fluorine-based battery chemistries, nano material science and advanced manufacturing processes.