Conductive Wire-free Charging for Education and Office Furniture

January 27, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

fliCharge International Ltd. announced the signing of an international licensing agreement with Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. for the use of fliCharge charging solutions in Bretford education and office furniture. The agreement provides Bretford with exclusive rights to develop, produce, incorporate and sublicense fliCharge technology into Bretford products for education, office, healthcare, and retail commercial furniture.

The fliCharge technology is the only interoperable wire-free charging solution that can simultaneously charge multiple devices on the same charging pad, no matter their power requirements or position on the pad. fliCharge is currently focusing on infrastructure projects targeting the transportation sector, education and office products, laptops and power tools. The technology is now being used to charge smartphones and tablets in several models of cars, minivans and pickup trucks from Chrysler, Toyota and Ford.

"We are very impressed with the high-efficiency of the fliCharge technology and its ability to scale up to any power requirement - something not seen with other wire-free products," said Chris Petrick, CEO of Bretford. "fliCharge's easy to use solutions for charging multiple tablets, chromebooks, laptops, and smartphones opens up several new product applications for integration with our power-enabled tables, desks, and charging carts, trays, and stations."

"As a leader in the manufacture of technology-enabled furniture for learning and business environments we are excited to partner with Bretford," said Randall P. Marx, CEO of fliCharge. "As we continue to build the ecosystem for our technology with Bretford, we are pleased to know we will soon see our products used across a diverse demographic and in several markets including primary and secondary schools, higher education, and businesses."