CEO of Zapworld.Com, Gary Starr, Predicts Booming Industry For Light-Electric Transportation

October 23, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

Gary Starr, CEO of Zapworld.Com (Sebastopol, CA) has predicted that there will be a $5.0 billion industry for light- electric transportation by the year 2005. Speaking before the 17th International Electric Vehicle Symposium in Montreal, Quebec, Starr said that electric scooters, bicycles, motorcycles and other low-speed electric vehicles (EVs) will sell into the millions of units within five years. He believes that the market is skyrocketing worldwide due to global environmental pressures, higher oil prices, population pressures and urban traffic congestion. These factors combined are, he maintains, creating a strong demand for short-range transportation solutions."By adding lightweight electric power trains to traditional bicycles, scooters and other lightweight human-powered vehicles, we're creating a means of transportation that is more practical and economical than automobiles for short-range urban transportation and for mitigating air pollution," stated Starr. "Light EVs can even be faster, considering traffic and parking congestion."During his speech, Starr cited a recently-released study from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which stated that 45 million automobiles in the United States drive less than 20 miles per day, a number well within the range for many of today's light EVs. Starr also commented, "Light EVs don't require the development of sophisticated hybrid or fuel cell technologies to bring them to market. With nearly 20 different models of EVs now available, ZAP is already delivering thousands of EVs to consumers."