C&D Technologies Offers New Magnetic Products Data Book

September 07, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

C&D Technologies Inc. (Tucson, AZ) is offering a new technical reference guide that will simplify and speed the identification and selection of inductors, transformers, and other magnetic components used for filtering and isolation in power-related applications. The new 12-page Magnetic Products data book provides technical information and key selection criteria for over 400 advanced and optimized inductor, transformer, and filter solutions. In addition to comprehensive technical data, the data book also provides advice and guidance on selecting the most appropriate inductor for a given application, as well as details of C&D's Design Verification Testing processes.

The Magnetic Products data book covers surface-mount and radial and axial lead inductors in toroidal and bobbin-wound formats, and a variety of surface-mount and through-hole transformer options. These include pulse and current-sensing transformers, transformers for digital audio applications, and Maxim-compatible devices. A copy of the new data book can be downloaded or requested from the company's website.