C&D Technologies Announces Agreement with Edison Source for Motive Power Fast-Charge Solutions

September 04, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

C&D Technologies, Inc. announced that it has reached agreement with Edison Source (a subsidiary of Edison International) to co-brand a new fast-charge motive battery charging technology.

"We are excited to announce this partnership with Edison Source, which will provide a best-in-class fast-charge solution for the motive power market. Fast-charge systems address a growing market segment that is new to C&D, where rapidly charging batteries during employee rest periods, like lunch breaks, eliminates daily battery change outs performed by our customers," said Dr. Jeffrey Graves, President and Chief Executive Officer for C&D Technologies. "Over the last several years, many of our large end-users have trialed and rigorously tested fast-charge systems and these results have demonstrated that the rugged C-line Classic battery technology design coupled with Edison's Minit-Charger technology proved the most reliable and longest life fast-charge system on the market. We estimate that this growing segment of the market currently comprises over 10% of the North American motive power end-use and expect rapid customer conversion to this new and highly efficient technology."

Leonard Kiely, Vice President and General Manager of the Power Systems Division, continued, "The C-Line Fast-Charge System is one of many exciting motive power products that C&D will be introducing to the market over the next several months. These products will continue to improve C&D's presence and impact in the motive power market."