Canadian Hydro Updates Status of Wind Plants

March 02, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) announced an update on the status of the 26MW Cowley North and Sinnott Wind Plants, which were temporarily removed from service on December 6, 2002. On December 14, 2002, 16 of 20 turbines were returned to service after inspection by Nordex. As of mid-February 2003, all but two turbines have been returned to service. The company expects one more turbine to be returned to service in mid-March 2003, and the final turbine to be returned to service in mid-April 2003.

Revenue loss during this period, cost of repairs to the damaged turbine and costs relating to the replacement parts will be covered by Nordex in accordance with their five-year warranty on the 20 turbines. The cause of the gearbox damage continues to be investigated by representatives from Nordex and the gearbox manufacturer. Once the investigation has been completed, Nordex, in conjunction with the gearbox manufacturer and Canadian Hydro, will then decide if any further actions are required.