Canadian Companies Propose Hydrogen Corridor

August 20, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

A group of Canadian fuel cell companies are pushing the idea of a 900km "hydrogen corridor" between Windsor and Montreal. Companies would provide enough hydrogen fueling stations in the corridor to support fuel cell and hydrogen ICE buses, fleet vehicles and trucks. The building of a small, local hydrogen infrastructure could overcome the "chicken-and-egg" problem fuel cell makers have to face. With enough refueling stations in place, the purchase of fuel cell vehicles becomes more feasible.

"The corridor would be a stepping-off point to building a nationwide hydrogen infrastructure, and would complement a similar project under development in British Columbia," said Ron Britton, chief executive officer and president of Fuel Cells Canada. "That corridor captures a third of all Canadians. If you can get that established, then you're breaking the back of all naysayers."