BTC Power Acquires Power Technics BV

April 29, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

Broadband TelCom Power Inc. (BTC Power, Santa Ana, CA) has acquired Power Technics BV (Netherlands), a European-based power supply design and manufacturing group. According to BTC Power, the acquisition is part of an overall corporate strategy to establish a high-quality, ready-made manufacturing operation in Europe.

Power Technics BV will be renamed Broadband TelCom Power Europe. The company currently has over 500 active power supply designs and dc/dc converters distributed through a network of 25 outlets in 12 countries. Applications include telecommunications, aerospace, industrial, military, railway and medical uses.

“The purpose of the acquisition was to increase BTC Power's custom design capabilities and to take advantage of prime distribution channels and a healthy European customer base," said James Lau, president of BTC Power. “The goal of our company is to become the premier hardware provider of the Internet by supplying the low-voltage high-current power to drive it."