Brite Semi and SaberTek Partner on Smart Utility Network Wireless Chip

August 23, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Brite Semiconductor today announced its intent to license SaberTek Inc. SBR6201 transceiver IP and develop high performance and low cost Wireless Smart Utility Network (Wi-SUN) and 802.11ah radio chip.

New generations of electrical meters all need to support wireless networking. 802.15.4g+ 802.11ah are prevailing reliable standards for implementing wireless smart utility networks. The solution needs to be low cost and high performance to enable price target of the electrical meters, as well as reliably operating under dense urban areas.

"With the widespread application of industrial networking, the demands for high-performance, low-cost wireless transmission solutions that meet the relevant standards are growing," said Charlie Zhi, President and CEO of Brite Semiconductor,

"SaberTek has proven to provide unique and successful wireless transceiver IPs. We are very happy with SBR6201 first silicon success, meeting all the demanding production requirements of our worldwide IoT customers," concluded Zhi.

The RF Transceiver provides high performance, low-cost, generic RF front-end that allows several constant and non-constant envelope modulation schemes to be handled, such as the MR-FSK, MR-OFDM and MR-O-QPSK PHYs of the IEEE 802.15.4g standard for Smart Utility Networks (SUN) and Smart grid applications in the 850 - 928 MHz and 2.4GHz license-exempt frequency bands.

All major RF communication parameters are programmable and can be dynamically set to High Linearity mode or Low Power mode and the receive path (RX) has high dynamic range and sensitivity.

"We are glad that Brite Semiconductor, the leading IoT ASIC supplier, has adopted SBR6201 transceiver IP for their low cost Wi-SUN+802.11ah solution." said Farbod Behbahani, Ph.D., president and CEO of SaberTek.