Boyd Corporation Acquires Lytron, Expands Liquid Cooling Offerings

August 14, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Boyd Corporation announced the acquisition of liquid cooling specialized thermal management company, Lytron. This acquisition aligns with Boyd’s commitment to support customers’ growing needs for liquid cooled solutions with specific volume development of liquid cold plates and heat exchangers in medical and aerospace markets; as well as dedication to technology portfolio expansion with additional chiller system solutions.

As electronics become more powerful with greater need for more and faster processing power, liquid cooling has become a necessary solution to manage the vast amount of heat load produced. Lytron’s technology, capabilities, industry knowledge and additional capacity will help enable Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation to continue to exceed these performance needs at volumes demanded by the market.

“Boyd invests in design and manufacturing capabilities that allow us to better serve our customers, anticipate their needs and continue to grow with them as a long-term partner. Technology innovators in pioneering industries like aerospace, telecommunications, and medical found that traditional air cooling technologies were insufficient to meet their performance requirements and turned to liquid cooling as early adopters. Other progressive industries are now following suit,” stated Boyd CEO Mitch Aiello.

“Hyperscale compute, eMobility, power conversion, 5G infrastructure and alternative energy applications require higher performing, more efficient liquid cooling thermal solutions at high volumes. Boyd’s acquisition of Lytron is a significant step towards accommodating this demand and enabling our customers’ success,” concluded Aiello

Lytron’s capabilities further augment Boyd’s robust global manufacturing organization and engineering capacity for liquid cooled solutions. Dedication to developing best practices and lean manufacturing ensures Boyd can better support customers’ growth plans and accelerated speed to market for high volume, high performance applications. Lytron will transition to operate under Boyd’s specialty thermal brand, Aavid.