Bellatrix Intros Android-based bRight Electrical Switches and Outlets

September 11, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Bellatrix Systems today announced the launch of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its sleek, new modular electrical control system for homes and businesses. The bRight Switchâ„¢ system includes smart switches that can be customized to perform multiple functions as well as multi-port outlets that combine high voltage and low voltage, eliminating the need for most wall chargers. bRight Switch integrates safely with the infrastructure of both new and existing construction, and its design allows flexibility for future inventions and technological advancements. The Indiegogo campaign will launch on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 with a funding goal of $400,000.

bRight Switch represents several firsts. It is the first and only system to offer an Android-based, full-color LCD touch screen controller system for homes or businesses. It is also the first self-learning light switch control system to learn users’ behaviors. The bRight Switch product line will include three products – the eLine Outlet, the eLine Switch and the nLine Switch.

Features, which vary from product to product, include: Customization for both display (name/message displays, photos, buttons) and functions (clock, alarm, timers, and more); Easy set up via smart phone app (for iOS and Android) using ‘Visible Light Communication’ (patent-pending); Wireless communication between other bRight Switch compatible devices; Modular base/faceplate design that integrates both high and low voltage power, providing extensive flexibility now and in the future; Safe, easy, modular, plug and use parts that require no re-wiring and easily adapt to existing infrastructure (no need to shut off breakers to change components once base is installed); Electrical outlets that integrate 3-prong 110V AC and 5V DC USB ports, allowing users to plug in devices wherever desired, without an adapter; All-in-one switch that works as light switch, night light, dimmer, clock, vacation timer and more; and Meets UL and FCC standards.

Ray Lundy, COO of Bellatrix Systems said, “bRight Switch’s mission is simple: to improve the way we power our lives. For decades, computers and mobile phones have continued to evolve through significant technological advancements while we’ve been stuck with the same antiquated switches and high voltage electrical outlets. bRight Switch replaces bulky wall chargers, timers, nightlights and even specialized switches with easy-to-use, multi-functioning, modular units. Most people’s lives are complex enough; this complete solution will help them simplify.”

“bRight Switch finally brings wiring into the 21st century. For homeowners, business owners and especially electricians like me, it’s a game changer. This really has the potential to become the new standard in the electrical industry,” said Derek Stallings, a general supervising electrician and JATC Instructor with 20-plus years working in the industry.

After nearly three decades in business, Bellatrix Systems has developed long-standing supplier and manufacturer relationships through the creation of previous products. This means that Indiegogo funding for bRight Switch will primarily go to product engineering, product manufacturing, smartphone app completion and delivery of products to supporters. Campaign backers can buy the components at a discount and will receive them by mid-2014, before they are available to the general public. Packages available via the campaign range from a single outlet or switch to a complete dream home or reseller package.