Battery-Free Power from Salt Water

December 11, 2016 by Power Pulse1595211359

The Hydra-Light PL-500 from HydraLight, Inc. is a USB charger and personal LED light. Compact, portable and safe; simply dip the internal Hydra-Cell power cell in water and a little ordinary table salt for instant light and dc power. No more disposable batteries.

PL-500 Personal Lantern features: Efficient LED personal portable lantern; Standard USB port and 2.5mm jack for charging external devices and powering AL-100 Accessory Light; and 16 bright, long-life LEDs.PL-500 is about 11.7" high, 3.8" diameter and it will run about 250 hours per power cell. The AL-100 Accessory Light is a handy, palm size 3 LED accessory light that plugs into a 2.5 mm jack on top of the PL-500 to provide light to nearby areas via its built-in 30' cable.

Besides offering an eco-friendly alternative to replaceable batteries, salt-water technology has distinct advantages over solar, providing continuous power day or night, in any weather or conditions. A single Hydra-Cell power cell provides run times of over 250 hours, the equivalent of 85 conventional AA batteries.

Inside the Hydra-Light PL-500 is the Hydra-Cell, a removable salt water power cell that works via the interaction of metal, air and a carbon based membrane. When dampened with salt water - an electrolyte - a reaction between these elements is initiated, creating an instant and continuous flow of electricity. All that’s needed during the lifetime of each Hydra-Cell is a periodic dipping in salt water to keep it moist.

Unlike conventional batteries, the power output remains constant and does not decline over the lifetime of the cell. The PL-500 also contains internal storage which is continuously trickle-charged to provide quick charging of cell phones.