Autotest Awarded $1 Million Contract for Night Vision Program

May 01, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Autotest Co. announced that ITT Power Solutions has awarded Autotest a new contract for multi-functional Automated Test Equipment (ATE) units for High Voltage application associated with the Night Vision program. The new award includes multiple standalone ATE’s for High Voltage Power Supplies Gen I, Gen II, and Gen III Series power supplies. This contract is worth well over $1 million dollars and represents a departure from in-house testers to specialized Automated Test Equipment supportable by ITT. The ITT power supplies are gated and non-gated NV Series image intensifier tubes.

The ITT Night Vision Gen I, Gen II, and Gen III image intensifier tubes are claimed by the company to be the choice of the U.S. Army and Marines and around the world. The million dollar project involves the integration of military critical tasks and codes with proven industry standardized test scenarios. The multi-faceted project includes hardware interfaces and software application programming using Autotest’s Automated Program Generator (APG) for Windows software. Real time control and display capabilities are utilized for testing, troubleshooting and characterization. With the Autotest system, a NV Unit Under Test (UUT) program can be enhanced with dialogue control and the seamless integration of non-standard resources and standard instrumentation.

Michael McGregor, Autotest Vice President for Sales and Marketing, noted, "Autotest Company is pleased to work with a military contractor of the caliber of ITT Power Solutions on this very technical and life critical Night Vision project. This reinforces our commitment to provide our military with integrated, sensitive and complex requirements with time tested industry accepted tests and protocols in a seamless, cost-effective and timely manner."