AstroPower Products Power UK Business Complexes

January 22, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

AstroPower Inc. (Newark, DE) announced that its solar-electric power products have been installed to power two self-sufficient business complexes in the United Kingdom. The buildings each feature a 13.2kW APex solar power array. The combined system is predicted to produce 23MWh of electricity per year.

Each array comprises 110 modules, which incorporate AstroPower's 8in APex solar cells. The roof-mounted solar arrays will produce the majority of the electricity required for the 3,228sqft buildings. Excess electricity produced by the solar power system will be sold back to the utility company.

“This system is a good demonstration of the effectiveness of distributed solar power generation in a country that is not often associated with solar power,” said Allen Barnett, president and CEO of AstroPower. “As one of the country's largest solar arrays, the installation will enable more British consumers to see the benefits of solar technology. The continued growth of the solar power market with the UK provides further evidence that the time for grid-connected solar-electric power is now.”