Ascatron enters SiC Power Device Market with Diodes up to 10kV

September 18, 2017 by Paul Shepard

Ascatron now offers next-generation Silicon Carbide (SiC) power semiconductors using its proprietary 3DSiC® technology with a quality and performance unattainable through current methods. The first products available for customer testing are diodes rated to 1200V, 1700V and 10kV. MOSFET switches are under development and will be introduced 2018.

Ascatron, with background in producing advanced SiC epi material for global customers, is transforming from a service provider to a device product company.

"We have developed a unique material technology that makes it possible to fully use the potential of SiC to handle very high power with minimal losses, while maintaining the reliability of silicon", says Adolf Schöner, CTO of Ascatron. "We call it 3DSiC® and is based on our expertise in producing advanced SiC epitaxy material. The technology has the potential to lower the losses up to 30% compared to conventional solutions."

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The 3DSiC® technology enables a modular design of Ascatron product line. Each device is divided in a high voltage module related to the desired voltage class, and a low voltage part for each type of component. Combination of different modules gives a wide range of products.

"Our business target is to be highly trusted and innovative supplier of SiC semiconductors for power electronics in industry, automotive and energy", says Christian Vieider, CEO of Ascatron. "We foresee a period of technology change when shifting from silicon to SiC and target to take part in such industry consolidation".

Ascatron will continue to support customers with small scale manufacturing of advanced SiC epi material.

Ascatron vision is to provide the full power of SiC for maximum performance and sustainable use of electricity. The mission is to develop medium and high voltage power semiconductor products with minimal losses and reliable operation based on advanced SiC material technology.

The business model is semi-fabless where Ascatron design the power device and keep in-house production of the key epitaxy material, while chip fabrication and packaging are outsourced. To address the Chinese market a company has been setup in Shenzhen with a local partner.

Ascatron development and material production is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Key employees include 7 PhD with expertise in SiC. Ascatron was founded in 2011 as spin-out from the research center Acreo after 20 years of R&D in SiC.