Arotech Receives Over $900k in Battery and Charger Orders

July 11, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Arotech Corp. announced that its Battery and Power Systems Division has received new orders totaling over $900k for rechargeable batteries and chargers. The rechargeable batteries and chargers will be used to power night vision equipment for Asian militaries.

"The new orders demonstrate our customers' satisfaction with the quality and reliability of our rechargeable products," said Robert S. Ehrlich, Chairman and CEO of Arotech Corporation. "Our range of products provides us the opportunity to penetrate additional markets with our field-proven technology."

Ehrlich also noted that: "Arotech's backlog is at an historical high of $41.0 million, compared with $19.0 million at June 30, 2005, an increase of 115%. A substantial portion of this backlog is expected to be shipped during the current fiscal year."