APC Enhances PowerXtend Software & PowerChute Plus Utility Offerings

April 13, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

American Power Conversion Corp. (APC, West Kingston, RI) recently announced an enhancement to its software offering, PowerXtend for Compaq Insight Manager (CIM), making APC the only third-party uninterruptible power supply vendor to integrate power management into CIM's Web management console. APC also introduced a PowerChute plus utility specifically designed to provide safe, unattended shutdown of Apache Web Servers on IBM AIX and Sun Solaris operating environments.APC's PowerXtend enhancement is designed to give Compaq server users the ability to manage their entire server system from one central console, with a Web browser. The software allows users to schedule unattended UPS and battery self-tests; manage power in a mixed operating systems environment; troubleshoot power problems with a diagnostic log; and remotely configure UPS parameters, including UPS sensitivity, acceptable input voltage, and minimum battery charge return delay.APC's PowerChute Shutdown Utility for Apache Web Server allows users to automate the process for creating a shutdown script for Apache Web Servers; enables graceful shutdown of the Web server to maintain data integrity; and provides seamless integration with APC's PowerChute plus UPS management software. Both software packages are available as a free download from APC's Web site.