APC Acquires ATI, Launches Backup Line

March 04, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Applied Power Corp. (APC, Lacey, WA) announced the acquisition of Ascension Technology Inc. (ATI, Waltham, MA). APC also announced the development of Readypower, claimed to be the first standardized backup power/alternative energy system product line specifically designed for Emergency Preparedness applications.According to APC, the acquisition of ATI is intended to strengthen the firm's presence in the growing, utility-interconnected photovoltaic (PV) power system market, expand its PV system engineering and development capabilities, and establish offices on the East Coast and in Colorado. Formed in 1987 by former MIT research engineers, Ascension Technology has developed a number of proprietary products, including the first complete UL-listed PV Source Circuit Protection equipment, rotating shadowband pyranometer data acquisition instrumentation systems, and its SunSine 300 ac photovoltaic modules. Dr. Edward Kern will continue his leadership role with the company and will join the APC board of directors."The purchase of Ascension Technology furthers our ongoing commitment to the commercialization of renewable energy and photovoltaic power in utility based applications," stated APC President Tim Ball. "Ascension's unparalleled engineering, manufacturing and installation experience in this market significantly increases our ability to effectively meet the needs of this growing segment."Kern commented that, "Joining forces with Applied Power will help Ascension Technology serve its utility industry customers with increased manufacturing and product support capabilities. This new relationship will support the fast growing demand for utility applications, allowing us to keep our focus on new product development and testing. It will also help us to serve our customers' needs for off-grid electric service by tapping into Applied Power's wealth of experience in remote power systems."APC's Readypower backup power systems, developed as a turn-key product line, are designed to protect homes and businesses from the unexpected loss of primary power. The systems work in conjunction with other power sources, such as solar, wind or generator power to effectively supply both power generation and power storage functions in one system. In addition to providing reliable backup for critical energy loads including home-office equipment, Readypower systems are also intended to provide ample power for TV, radio, security and safety alarms, refrigeration, water pumping and indoor/outdoor lighting.