Ansoft Announces New SIMPLORER Power Suite

February 04, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Ansoft Corp. (Pittsburgh) released the SIMPLORER® Power Suite, an integrated software package that addresses the rapidly increasing demand for smaller, more reliable power designs in automotive, aerospace and industrial automation. The suite combines an enhanced version of Ansoft's SIMPLORER system simulation software and PExprt modeling tool for quick evaluation of thousands of possible designs.

"The SIMPLORER Power Suite provides a complete design environment for power-electronic and system designers. Its capabilities far exceed those of traditional SPICE-based simulators," said Uwe Knorr, vice president of Ansoft's EM Division. "These capabilities, along with the seamless integration of accurate models generated by PExprt, save designers prototype iterations, time and money."

The suite also includes a new library containing frequently used dc/dc converter and other power-electronic topologies. The models are available as switching and averaged versions supporting different levels of analysis. The starting price is $19,900.